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Going @Preauxx | #DieWinning Drops Today

I can’t remember the first time I met Chris “Preauxx” Dansby. It was a random meeting through mutual friends a few years ago. He was introduced to me as a dope new  hiphop artist in Memphis’ underground scene, and while that title is thrown around as easily as a frisby,  there was something different about the energy he gave off. He had no gimmicks or tricks; he was just a young kid writing about his life, and after talking with him for a few minutes, you just knew that he was genuinely talented.

A young, kind soul, I’ve watched him grow as an artist and man since then. He’s always been able to work a stage (his showmanship is one of the things people have always like about him), but as he’s become more comfortable in his skin, he’s also grown artistically + more experimental with his sound.  The day after his listening session for his first official EP, “Die Winning”, (E1/ GSB Music), we met to chat about the record, his growth as a person,  and what his plans would be once it was released.

Die Winning represents more than just another body of work. It’s an idea, a mentality for those that want a little more than the obvious out of life. With this project, instead of the typical “studio life 24/7” approach, he and his team (including mentor/producer @IMAKEMADBEATS) are being a little more strategic: over the past few weeks they’ve had a much more dedicated Social Media Campaign, and have a few mini tours lined up with other local artists to both promote and bring more awareness to the talent pool here. Bc that’s the thing about Preauxx. While it’s definitely time to promote his work, he knows that the way in which he campaigns will ultimately make a difference at home, Being indie gives you more creative freedom, but knowing how to market yourself at a higher level will help sustain you.

And that’s the definition of a Preauxx, no?

To download Die Winning, visit

Peep “VIBE”, the first video from #DieWinning

Jhené Aiko x Crooks + Castles for Holiday 2013

Pure hotness: songbird @JheneAiko is featured in Crooks & Castles (@Crooks_Fairfax) 2013 Ladies Holiday Lookbook. 

Her star power has been on the rise over the last few months, not only with her feature work with artists like Drake + Big Sean, but with the release of her EP Sailing Out this past November. Aligning her brand with a well-known streetwear company like C&C makes sense as well. She’s definitely one to watch. 

The Collection will be available online + and at their Fairfax flagship store next week.